Consulting services

With professionals who have up to 40 years of individual construction experience and 30 years of litigation support, Bynum and Associates Corporation is exceptionally well suited to complement its construction services with litigation support and other construction related consulting services. As consultants BAC successfully uses the same team approach we utilize in our construction projects. To better serve our clients and to minimize the cost of data management, BAC has developed proprietary software systems for the storage, management and retrieval of photographs and all other case related data. And as long standing, working general contractors we bring past experience and current project knowledge to work more efficiently and with outstanding results for our consulting clients.

Construction Defect Investigation & Support
Investigation and Testing

  • Review contract and case documents
  • Prepare a pre-testing case/issue summary
  • Assemble the right team of industry consultants
  • Coordinate and plan the correct scope of investigation
  • Procure and direct testing contractors
  • Collect and document evidence


Reports and Documentation

  • Prepare Preliminary Summary Report
  • Collate consultant’s issues to avoid gaps and duplication
  • Assemble a cohesive report meeting statutory requirements
  • Review disputed work for quality of workmanship, code and standard of care compliance
  • Prepare a real world Cost of Repair based on current market values
  • Contract scope of work analysis
  • Allocation of responsibility


Document and Image Management

  • Utilization of proprietary photo and document data base
  • Preparation of inspection and testing photo logs
  • Presentation quality project photography and videography


Mediation and Trial Support

  • Mediation support and preparation
  • Alternative repair strategies
  • Mediated issue scopes and cost of repair preparation
  • ┬áTimeline analysis
  • Trial preparation and demonstrative evidence production
  • Expert witness testimony


Construction Contract Disputes

  • Review contracts, change orders and course of construction documents
  • Review plans, specifications and contract documents
  • Review and assess construction schedules
  • Evaluate Contract compliance, Project delays, Cost overruns
  • Perform a Critical Path Analysis
  • Prepare Preliminary Summary Report
  • Assess damages and provide loss and cost analysis
  • Assist in settlement negotiations
  • Trial preparation and demonstrative evidence production
  • Expert witness testimony


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Additional consultant information is available upon request